Site Selection and Start-Up Work Group Launches with Public Meeting

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Development of site start-up metrics and results from a public survey were the main topics during a public meeting that relaunched the MCC Site Selection and Start-Up Work Group. The well-attended meeting had 97 participants representing 35 organizations.

Citing data from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, Linda Sullivan, MCC Executive Director and Co-Founder, discussed the need for a focus on site start-up metrics. Attendees then reviewed the results from a public survey that sought input on high level processes, current process issues, and current metrics utilized to oversee and manage the processes.

Highlights from the survey included:

  • Suggestions for changes to the high level process map which have been added to the “working version” of the high-level process map
  • Significant issues in the process that were most selected are related to the time taken for site contracting and site selection
  • Most organizations measure high level cycle times; from site selection to activation and from draft contract sent to contract final
  • Most organizations measure the proportion of sites either not enrolling or enrolling only one patient

After plotting the metrics on the high level process map, the discussion moved to how the interactions between regulatory, ethics and site contracting vary by country and site and should provide context to metric values. The MCC Metrics Development Model was described with reference to the Site Contracting Metrics 1.1, which are available for those in member organizations to download.

The next Site Selection and Start-Up Work Group meeting will be on November 5, 2019 and all future meetings will take place on the first Tuesday of the month. These meetings are only open to MCC member organizations. The work group will be using the MCC Metrics Development Framework to develop a comprehensive metric toolkit that includes basic and advanced standardized metrics that answer key performance questions related to this process.

The MCC encourages members to join the work group! The meetings are a pre-collaborative space for you to meet your industry peers, share experience and develop metrics to help our industry.

Members can register for the November 5 meeting by visiting the Site Selection and Start-Up Metrics Work Group page on the MCC member website or contact Lara Knitter, MCC Customer Service & Product Support, at for assistance.