Small Sponsor Knowledge Portal Launched to Support Small Sponsor Community of Practice

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

On June 4, MCC unveiled a new online Small Sponsor Knowledge Portal that includes resources such as short videos, implementation guides and links to relevant MCC resources.

The knowledge portal was established to provide a newly forming Small Sponsor Community of Practice with a single place to find MCC resources and for community members to share case studies, templates, etc.

The Community of Practice will meet online on a bi-monthly basis to:

  • Share ideas and practical approaches that work in small sponsor settings
  • Get up-to-date news about MCC Performance Metric Sets and Tools
  • Provide feedback about how MCC can support small sponsors
  • Learn from their peers

Halloran Consulting and other members of MCC community who work with smaller-sized sponsors have offered to participate in the online meetings to share insights and facilitate discussions. MCC will conduct a brief survey to gather input about future topics to be discussed by the members of the community of practice.

MCC members can access the Knowledge Portal by logging into the member website, clicking on “Meetings and Work Groups” and selecting the MCC Small Sponsor Community of Practice Group.

Not Member?

Email MCC Membership Director, Terry Holland to learn how your organization can join.