What Does It Take to be an Effective Central Monitor? Join the MCC Centralized Monitoring Community of Practice Meeting September 15

Friday, August 20, 2021

Central Monitoring CoP Brainstorm and Discussion Meeting: “Defining Unicorns”

With Centralized Monitoring becoming ever more important, MCC Centralized Monitoring CoP members will take the opportunity to discuss the challenges many are facing finding the right people to fill the key role of Central Monitor. What skill set is needed for the Central Monitor? How can we find these unicorns? Or how do we develop people into the role? Come join your peers for an interactive, knowledge sharing session to learn what approaches are being used to find and train the right people for this essential job.

Meeting prep: CTO podcast episode 23: Optimizing Central Monitoring with Pfizer’s Crupa Kurien and MCC’s Linda Sullivan →  LISTEN

Additional information about this member group can be found by visiting Centralized Monitoring Community of Practice page.

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