Which Metrics Should I Select? Central Lab Tools Help You Select the Right Metrics

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Central Labs Work Group has been developing tools to help with selection of metrics. They have used the comprehensive set designed for the Site Contracting metrics as a starting point and are very pleased with the results to date.

One of the tools the work group is most proud of helps to recommend metrics based on issues that you have (or risks you have identified) and then highlights recommended metrics and the data elements that are needed to calculate those metrics. An excerpt from the tool below shows how it works. Two issues have been selected and the recommended metrics are highlighted in green.

Central Lab tool excerpt

At the work group meeting in February, team members expanded on the issues and associated metrics. This tool will help organizations implement the metrics that will have the most benefit. This is one of a number of methods the MCC has developed to help organizations select the right metrics.

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