About Us

MCC’s Mission & History

Leading the drug-development enterprise in the adoption and utilization of standardized metrics and benchmarks to drive performance improvement.
Founded in 2006, MCC is the leading industry association dedicated to the development of standardized performance metrics to improve clinical trials. MCC provides the collaborative environment for biopharmaceutical and device sponsors, service providers and sites to improve clinical-trial development through use of MCC standardized performance metrics.

MCC Leadership


Linda Sullivan (Co-Founder & Executive Director)

Linda has the day-to-day experience and expertise that provides excellence, stability and growth for our organization. She has been the motivating force behind MCC’s continuing growth since 2006. Her duties include direct membership/dues-based services and ongoing operations of the company.

MCC Staff

Teresa Holland
MCC Membership Director

Terry manages the MCC membership program. She assists member companies in establishing and maintaining their MCC relationship and works with individuals establishing and updating user accounts.

For membership inquiries regarding benefits, pricing, new memberships, new user accounts and all renewal information, please contact Terry at tholland@metricschampion.org or at (317) 622-0266

Lara Knitter
MCC Customer Service & Product Support

Lara manages the MCC member portal, handles all inquiries regarding purchases made through the MCC store and responds to customer inquiries.

For questions regarding store purchases or accessing and navigating the member portal, please contact Lara at customerservice@metricschampion.org or (317) 622-0266

MCC Ambassadors

Subject Matter Experts Facilitating and Supporting MCC Work Groups

Keith Dorricott
Director, Dorricott Metrics & Process Improvement, LTD

MCC Work Groups: Data Management, Site Selection, Study Quality Trailblazer, Vendor Oversight WGs

Liz Wool President
Wool Consulting Group, LLC
MCC Work Group: Vendor Oversight

Steve Young
Chief Operations Officer, CluePoints
MCC Work Groups: Centralized Monitoring