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MCC is the place to meet industry peers, exchange ideas, collaborate and think.

Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC) is dedicated to improving clinical trials via the development of standardized performance metrics. Founded in 2006, MCC is a pan-industry organization that operates as a “think tank.” Member organizations utilize MCC’s network to collaborate through working groups focused on addressing shared challenges and opportunities. In bringing clinical trial stakeholders together, MCC’s goal is to ensure that we, as an industry, measure the right things in the right ways. By doing this, we enable clinical trial oversight that detects problems in processes and drives the implementation of effective solutions to improve patient safety, trial timelines and budgets, and ultimately allow for more consistently reliable research outcomes.

MCC Brings Global Clinical Trial Stakeholders Together

Participate in community-of-practice work groups, where members share knowledge, utilize a proprietary framework to establish high-priority performance questions and the metrics to answer them. Learn to consistently measure the right things in the right way – including time, quality and performance at the portfolio, study and site levels. Drive performance through purpose-built toolkits and eLearning courses available in a comprehensive resource library.

Metric Sets and Tools

MCC Metric Sets and Tools Work Together to Support QbD, RBQM, Vendor Oversight and Process Improvement

MCC’s QbD, RBQM and metric selection tools provide resources to ensure members stay ahead of the curve as it relates to evolving and emerging clinical trial performance measurement pain points and broader issues. Recently, MCC introduced ICH E6 (R2) compliant tools to help address quality issues via risk assessment and mitigation, including special consideration for centralized monitoring.

MCC members have access to an extensive library of more than 300 consensus-based portfolio, study and site level time-quality-cost performance metrics and key risk indicators.

Join us and turn knowledge into ACTION!
You and your colleagues can collaborate with MCC member companies and utilize MCC metrics and risk/quality tools on a daily basis to improve your company’s processes and performance in the industry.
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MCC’s Metric Development Framework: Defining Metrics That Answer Key Performance Questions [download]

Unlock the Value of MCC Metric Sets: Use MCC Metric Selection Tools to Select the Right Metrics for Your Organization [download]

Measure the Right Things at the Right Time: Using A Metric Maturity Model to Optimize Performance Measurement [download]

Measure the Right Things at the Right Time: Using Key Performance Indicator Metrics to Assess Clinical Trial Performance Across Studies [download]



“I’m instituting the use of metrics for our RBM program roll-out so I visit your site often. It’s a great reference.”

“We wish we had joined the MCC earlier – we spent the last 18 months defining metrics that were already fully defined by MCC!”

“Having access to the MCC metrics that align with key performance questions has been a game-changer for us! Being able to focus on the questions we want to answer makes it easier to decide which metrics to use!”